Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Android M

Android M all you need to know

Google might soon launch its next version of Android OS-the Android M, touted to be its best OS by far. It recently launched a new version of the Operating System codenamed Android M Developer Preview 2. The developer preview of the OS has got few bug fixes and also requires security upgrades.

However, Google has assured that Android M will be more user friendly as the newer version will not prompt for App permissions all the time and will only ask when required. Android M will also feature its built-in mobile payment system akin to the Google Wallet.

The developer preview also has an updated SDK with all the samples and images required to develop Android M platform. If you wish to, you can download the updated tools via SDK Manager, and system images are available by OTA update.

Highpoints of Google Android Developer Preview 2:

  • The Behavior Changes, Overview of API, and Permissions documents all of them are updated.
  • A document can now be translated as the translations of the documentation is now available.
  • RuntimePermissions / RuntimePermissionsBasic are updated to show the new permission API change, including shouldShowRequestPermissionRationale().
  • FingerprintDialog will now ask to enter passwords whenever a new fingerprint is added.