Top 10 Fraud Deliveries By Flipkart and Snapdeal


Shopping these days is just at the click of your mouse, as e-commerce shopping has taken a new shape in India with most of the people now resorting to buy online. But is that really safe? Well, not all the time.

As far as the online transaction is concerned, the e-commerce websites have a secured payment gateway that would not encourage any fraudulent attacks. Now, the threat remains with the shipment of the order, and that, has certainly not been satisfactory.

There have been rising cases of consumers receiving stones, soaps or even mangoes in place of their actual order. These shipments are delivered by some of India’s leading e-commerce websites that include Flipkart and Snapdeal. Below listed are few of the incidents of fraudulent delivery wherein customers have been cheated by these websites.

1. Flipkart sends Rocks Instead Of Laptop:

Fraud Delivery By Flipkart

2. Snapdeal sends stones in place of Apple iPhone:

Fraud Delivery By Snapdeal2

3. This time Snapdeal just sends a charger in place of a phone.

Snapdeal Sends Nothing

4. MacBook=Water Heater Worth Rs.600, for Snapdeal atleast:

A Heater To Macbook

5. Snapdeal again sends stones in place of a Micromax phone:

Fraud Delivery By Snapdeal3

6. Well, Snapdeal’s love with stone is never ending, as it again sends a stone in place of a Scientific Calculator:

Fraud Delivery By Snapdeal4

7. Now Snapdeal tries something new, sends two coconuts instead of shoes:

Snapdeal Ships 2 cocunuts

8. Flipkart goes a step ahead, sends mangoes in place of a smartphone:

FLIPKART sends mangoes

9. Snapdeal further explores its creativity. It now sends a dish washing soap in place of Samsung smartphone:

Fraud Delivery By Snapdeal

10. Snapdeal sends a stone instead of a costly Google Nexus 5.

Fraud Delivery By Snapdeal for Nexus 5