Kriti Sanon Launches Blue Butterfly Films With Sister Nupur Sanon

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Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon launched her production house Blue Butterfly Films, on the 5th of July, Wednesday.

While netizens flooded Twitter with congratulatory messages to the Bollywood actress, a Twitterati shared a Reddit post of a user, mentioning that this production house is a tribute to the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

Getting into the details behind this, the user shared a post in which a fan asked Sushant Singh Rajput about why he used blue butterfly emoji in all his posts.  To this, the actor replied, “Signifies the emergence, the inevitable, the resonance, between, you and I and all of us.”  Rajput further said, “For feelings you could trust, for meaning you could refer to chaos theory/ complexity theory/ fractals/ non linear dynamics/ butterfly effect/ philosophy/ science/ complex numbers/ cognitive science/ behavioral economics etc etc… but you could also just, feel, I move my fingers here and you smile there, it is resonance my love, magical.”

The cryptic comment of Sushant Singh Rajput i s now being shared widely on social media platforms, which convinced a lot of fans to believe that this new production is an ode to SSR.  A user said, “Kriti’s new production house name: blue butterfly films. Sushant used alot of 🦋in his posts and comments. Kriti has a 🦋 in her bio. Not sure if it’s something they both shared with each other but this seems deliberate on her part to remember him. Back when his unfortunate news came, people were really harsh on her for not immediately responding to the news and keeping quiet. But over the years we can see through she has honored Sushant in the most beautiful way without making it about her or being a attention seeker (sic.)”

However, there is no confirmation or official announcement by Kriti Sanon, who launched her production house with her sister Nupur Sanon.

The new venture of Kriti Sanon as a producer is said to be a big hope for the newcomers, who wished to be in the Bollywood industry and has no background. 

Furthermore, Blue Butterfly Films is all set to enter the entertainment industry in collaboration with OTT platform Netflix, Do Patti, starring Bollywood actress Kajol.

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