Ity Pandey Of India Becomes 1st Woman Officer To Finish Comrades Marathon In SA

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In an incredible feat of endurance and determination, Ity Pandey, Chief Commercial Manager (Passenger Services) of Central Railway and an officer of Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) has made history by becoming the first lady civil servant from Indian Railways to complete the grueling Comrades Marathon on Sunday in South Africa. The Comrades Marathon, often referred to as the Ultimate Human Race, is renowned for its challenging terrain, demanding hills, and unpredictable weather conditions.

Covering an astonishing distance of 87 kilometers (approximately 54 miles) from Pietermaritzburg to Durban, the Comrades Marathon tests athletes both physically and mentally. It is widely regarded as one of the toughest ultra marathons in the world. Ity Pandey’s remarkable achievement in completing this grueling race has earned her the affectionate title of “Queen of Hills” from her colleagues.

Ity Pandey completed the marathon in an impressive time of 11 hours, 47 minutes, and 46 seconds, maintaining an average pace of 8.05 minutes per kilometer. Her journey started at around 5:30:02 am and concluded at approximately 5:17:47 pm. Her endurance and unwavering commitment throughout the challenging course have been acknowledged and celebrated.

“Not only does Ity Pandey’s accomplishment signify her personal triumph, but it also sets new milestones for female civil servants and the Indian Railways as a whole. Her success serves as an inspiration, breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations of female athletes,” said a senior officer of Indian railway.

“Despite her responsibilities as a mother of two and a high-ranking officer in the Indian Railways, Pandey managed to find time for training by implementing smart time management strategies. She emphasized the importance of meticulous planning and dedication in balancing multiple roles. Pandey’s achievement showcases that personal pursuits can coexist with professional and family commitments,”  added officials.

“Ity Pandey’s remarkable journey at the Comrades Marathon aligns with her professional accomplishments at Central Railway, where she has played a crucial role in achieving the highest ticket checking revenue ever recorded on the Indian Railways during the last financial year. Her exceptional leadership and expertise have contributed to this significant milestone, demonstrating her ability to excel in diverse domains,” further added officials.

“Pandey’s awe-inspiring journey in the Comrades Marathon and her remarkable professional achievements exemplify the indomitable spirit and resilience of women in breaking barriers and pushing boundaries. Her accomplishments will continue to inspire others to pursue their passions and strive for greatness, emphasizing that with determination and efficient time management, any challenge can be overcome,” said one of her colleagues.

It is worth noting that Ity Pandey’s husband, Virendra Ojha, was the first Civil Servant of the country to participate in the Comrades Marathon in 2017. Now, Ity has joined her husband in making history, becoming the first female civil servant from India to complete this prestigious race. Together, their achievements highlight the couple’s dedication to physical fitness and their determination to set new standards for civil servants across the nation.

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