Latest: Arvind Kejriwal’s Electricity Bill Row

How much are you billed for your electricity usage? Rs. 1000?, Rs. 2000? Have you ever wondered how much electricity is consumed by our elected leaders? Similar question was asked to RTI by an advocate named Vivek Garg.

According to RTI’s reply, the electricity bill of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s Civil Lines residence for the months of April and May,was about Rs 91,000.

Latest: Arvind Kejriwal's Electricity Bill Row
Latest: Arvind Kejriwal’s Electricity Bill Row

The General Administration Department of Delhi Government has furnished the copies of electricity bill of Kejriwal’s Civil Lines residence running into Rs 91,000.

On the other hand, Delhi BJP, is alleging that the bill was tampered with, they are claiming that the actual bill was over Rs 1 lakh and they announced that it would also seek power bill details of all AAP ministers.

“The Chief Minister’s residence has two electricity metres. The latest bills for the two metres are Rs 55,000 and Rs 48,000 (total Rs 1,03,000),” claimed Delhi BJP spokesperson Praveen Kapoor said. Senior officials said that clearer statement will be provided after verification by the government on the issue.