KCR To Reshuffle His Cabinet After Sacking Eatala Rajender?

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According to the sources, the K. Chandrashekar Rao led Telangana Government is likely to reshuffle the cabinet ministry.

The step of reshuffling came after the recent removal of Eatala Rajender the former Health Minister of Telangana, over a land grabbing matter. After removing Eatala Rajender from the Health Ministry portfolio, the ministry was under KCR.

According to sources, the final decision is likely to be made in a couple of days, when KCR would resume charge after testing negative for the Novel Coronavirus infection. On the 5th of May, doctors monitoring KCR declared him fully recovered from the COVID-19 illness. He is also expected to take charge of his office in a couple of days.

Sources close to development, who wished to be anonymous said, “He might not go in for a large scale reshuffle at this stage when the discontent is brewing in the party over the sacking of Eatala Rajender. There might not be any sacking of any minister at this stage.”

If sources are to be believed, KCR is likely to induct C. Lakshma Reddy Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA,) into the cabinet and might entrust him with the portfolio of medical and health.

Lakshma Reddy was in the KCR cabinet between 2014 and 2018 and held the Health portfolio.

There is also talk that KCR might take his daughter Kalvakuntla Kavitha into the cabinet. However, considering the allegations of the supporters of Eatala Rajender they might not go with K. Kavitha for the portfolio. Many supporters of Eatala Rajender blamed the TRS Government and KCR for targeting Eatala Rajender to include family members into the Cabinet.

However, an official announcement regarding the same is yet to come.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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