Man plays guitar through out his brain tumor surgery

Man plays guitar through out his surgery: You might have heard in the past that brain surgeries can be painful and scary. Its even more complicated if its tumor related brain surgery.

But this group of Brazilian doctors and their brave patient patient contradict with the notion. They have done something that will put in shock for some time.

Man plays guitar through out his brain tumor surgery
Man plays guitar through out his brain tumor surgery

Going into the details, Anthony Kulkamp Dias, a 33-year-old Brazilian bank worker, underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor and played his guitar throughout the surgery.

According to the reports, Mr Dias sang holding the guitar and balancing it by keeping on his stomach and played a selection of songs including The Beatles’ “Yesterday” and a few Brazilian country songs while he was kept conscious during surgery at the Nossa Senhora de Conceicao Hospital in the Southern state of Santa Catarina.

In a later press release, the doctors said that they safely mapped Kulkamp’s brain as he played guitar on famous song Yesterday by Beatles.They added that he was conscious during the entire procedure and that he even chatted with doctors in the mean while.

The hospital said that surgeons were better able to map Dias’ brain activity in real time as he was kept conscious throughout the procedure, thus avoiding injury that could compromise important brain functions.

Doctors explained that usual brain surgeries are performed by keeping the patient under general anesthesia, but when the tumor is close to areas that could impact speech and movement, there was a risk of loss of function if they are injured during the procedure, so it was important to keep the patient awake.

Watch the video: This is how the procedure went.