Saira Banu Makes Her Instagram Debut On Death Anniversary Of Dilip Kumar

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Late actor Dilip Kumar’s wife Saira Banu on Friday made her Instagram debut on the occasion of his second death anniversary. Saira shared a few photos of the couple and wrote an emotional note in his memory.

Calling him her ‘Kohinoor‘, she expressed her “gratitude to the overwhelming multitude of caring well-wishers and dearest friends from the world over who have so tremendously swept me off my feet till today with their everlasting remembrance, love and respect” for Dilip Kumar.

A part of her note read, “This is the day, ‘7th of July’ at ‘7 am’ when time stood still and my loved one slid into a deep slumber. I pleaded with the Almighty that, ‘Sahib’, as I always called him should react to one of his favourite couplets.” She shared the couplet in Urdu and its translation as well, which read, “My loved one is in slumber so my entire world is still, I implore him to stir awake so that the world comes alive again with his movement of waking up.”

Saira wrote that she can feel the presence of Dilip with her and said that “no matter what, we will still walk the path of life together, hand in hand, one in our thoughts and being until the end of time.” She called the late actor an “iconic guiding light” for many generations and said that he just wasn’t the “greatest actor ever but also a very great human being.”

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