Boeing 737 Flight Crashes Into River

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On the 3rd of May, a Boeing 737 flight with 136 people crashed into the St. Johns River near Jacksonville, Florida.

The flight was arriving from   Guantanamo Bay, in Cuba, and went into the river at the end of the runway immediately after takeoff at around 9:40 P.M.


The mayor of Jacksonville took to Twitter and announced there were no casualties reported as a result of the crash. He also attached two pictures of the plane and said the crew on board were working to control the level of jet fuel in the water.


Navy security and emergency forces were immediately deployed to the area to look after the people injured during the crash.


The on board crew is currently working on making sure all the passengers on board are safe. So far, no major casualties were reported.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s office responded to the crash and a naval force arrived on the spot immediately. So far, 21 people were taken to the local hospital  and post receiving treatment, were found to be in good condition.

According to information from the Sheriff’s office, close to 90 personnel were sent to the area to look after the people injured during the crash. Incidentally, a special operations team from the department was trained with Marine units to deal with a similar situation like this.

Family members who are expecting the arrival of their relatives have been asked to be on standby. The reason for the crash is not known yet.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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