Telangana – Dinosaurs’ Fossils Found

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Samudralal Sunil, a History enthusiast from Telangana, on the 6th of June, discovered fossilized bone fragments of a dinosaur, footprints of a tortoise and other animals at Yamanapalli, Telangana.

Sunil found these impressions at the Yamanapalli archaeological site in Mancherial, Telangana. He claimed the fossils are some 160 to 200 million years old.

Sunil said, “Over the past two months, I found bone fragment fossils of dinosaurs as well as a fossil that is believed to be a dinosaur egg. Another fossil believed to be that of the tortoise was uncovered at Yamanapalli in the reserve forest area of Kotapalli.”

Sunil found traces of 200 million years old dinosaurs at 8 km radius of the Pranhita River, Telangana.

The tribals living near this archaeological area are damaging the fossils with a belief of finding gold out of it.

Sunil informed the Geological Survey of Hyderabad about his collection and asked them to take the fossils for examination.

This is not the first time, the Geological Survey found fossils of dinosaurs. Recently, Nusrat Shaikh, a Palaeobotany researcher from Maharashtra also discovered the remains of dinosaurs near the Pranhita River, Maharashtra.

Pranhita River is a tributary of the Godavari River, which flows along the borders of Maharashtra and Telangana.

The fossils collected by Sunil will be examined, by the Geological Survey of India (GSI.)

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