Explained: Controversy Of Nandini-Amul Row In Poll Bound State Karnataka

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In the poll bound state of Karnataka, a political controversy erupted after Amul India announced plans to enter the local markets of the south Indian state.

In a recent tweet, Amul said, “The Amul family is bringing in some Taaza into Bengaluru city.”  Owned by Gujarat based milk marketing firm, Amul’s entry into Bengaluru not only created panic amongst local brand, Nandini, but also created a political fight between the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the opposition, the Indian National Congress.

The matter soon escalated after the local farmers expressed disappointment and opposition to the news of Amul entering the Bengaluru market.  In this regard, the Hotel Association of Bengaluru, staged a protest and urged all the hotels, home stays and other restaurants not to change their milk supplier, but support the local brand, Nandini.

In addition, taking a political angle to the matter, the Indian National Congress (INC) Karnataka unit took a dig at the ruling BJP Government.  The INC leaders rightfully raised concerns regarding Karnataka Milk Federation owned Nandini’s survival when Amul entered the local market here.  However, the BJP seems to support the move of Amul and welcomed the milk brand in the south Indian state.

The decision of Amul entering the south Indian market, amid protest with the support of the BJP could be a major draw back for the ruling party.  Due to the issue, the BJP could possibly lose a major vote bank, which is said to be a major advances for the opposition, the INC and the Janata Dal (United.)

Notably, Karnataka is all set to contest for 224 Assembly seats on the 10th of May.  Major parties in the fray for the 2023 Elections are the BJP and the INC.

On the 13th of May, counting of the votes would be held, deciding the fate of the political parties in the south Indian state of Karnataka.

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