Bhopal Woman Taken Hostage: Accused Demands To Marry Her

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“Bhopal Woman Taken Hostage: Accused Demands To Marry Her” is locked Bhopal Woman Taken Hostage: Accused Demands To Marry Her

A 30 year old woman living in the outskirts of Bhopal was taken hostage at gunpoint, by a 30 year old man named Rohit Singh, in her own house. The woman works as a model and the accused is also a small time model in Mumbai. The man claims to have met her in Mumbai during modelling shoots. He also claims to love her and demands to marry her.

In a video circulating on the internet, the man is seen waving his fingers in victory from the window of her house. The police were informed by neighbors who heard noises from the woman’s house.

The police tried to barge into the house to rescue the woman but were unsuccessful. The Sub Inspector, G. S. Rajput was attacked by the man with a pair of scissors. He also saw the woman covered in blood.

The accused, who is a resident of Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh was armed with a country made pistol and a pair of scissors. He has been communicating with police through video call. He communicated his demand for stamp paper and a mobile charger. He has also threatened to kill the woman and himself, if the police try to barge in on them.

The police informed the friends of the accused and asked them to convince him to open the door. However, he kept her hostage for more than 10 hours and refuses to let her go.

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