Bhopal Hostage Agrees To Marry The Accused

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Bhopal Hostage Agrees To Marry The Accused

After 12 hours of being a hostage in her own apartment, the Bhopal model agreed to marry the accused and wrote it down on stamp paper.

The 30 year old Mumbai based casting director Rohit Singh who took the model hostage is an acquaintance of her’s. According to him, they were in love but both their families were against the marriage. This led him to take such a drastic step.

The accused was communicating with the police through video chat. He demanded food, water, a mobile charger and stamp paper. The police finally used a hydraulic lift to approach the model’s apartment on the 5th floor to speak to him.

After hours of negotiating finally, Singh allowed the police to enter the apartment at 6 A.M. He also let the police get them medical help. According to the police, the woman’s condition is stable.

According to the Sub divisional Magistrate Disha Nagvanshi, the police counselled them and told them it was not a crime for two consenting adults to marry each other.

The police, however, are still unsure as to what charges Rohit Singh will face for carrying an unlicensed pistol.