Yashoda Hospital In Hyderabad Becomes 1st To Launch Advanced MRI Cancer Treatment

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The Hitec City branch of Yashoda Hospital on Tuesday launched an MRI-guided radiotherapy unit for cancer treatment.

The technology, combining magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with precise radiation delivery, is the country’s first Unity MR Linac, the hospital said.  The MR-Linac enables precise, accurate and adaptive radiation therapy in real-time, the hospital said.

Dr G.S. Rao, managing director, of Yashoda Hospitals, highlighted the advantages of MR-Linac radiation therapy over conventional methods.

The launch was in collaboration with Elekta a Sweden-based company, which launched India’s first MR Linac for cancer treatment, at Yashodha Hospitals in Hyderabad.

More than 1.3 million new cancer cases and over 8.5 million deaths are reported in India every year. Doctors advise regular checkups for timely detection of cancer as the sooner it is diagnosed the better our chances of survival for patients.

Furthermore, the launch of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Guided Linear Accelerator (MR-LINAC) is expected to deliver radiation therapy treatment with precision.  As per Elekta, the technology combines a radiation delivery unit (linear accelerator) with MRI.

Meanwhile, highlighting the advantages of MR-LINAC over conventional radiotherapy:

  • Doctors say that this technology allows adaptive monitoring of changes in the size and shape of a tumour before and during the treatment.
  • Most of the tumours, surrounding the tissue are better imaged by an MRI as compared to CT-scan. This new technology is also said to help target tumour cells and while overlooking healthy tissues.
  • Above all, these advantages of the MRI Linac machine are said to improve clinical outcomes dramatically. This improves local control, low risk of toxicity, and a shorter course of therapy while paving the way for enhanced radiotherapy.

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