TDP witnesses surge in membership as Lokesh welcomes new joinees

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Nara Lokesh, TDP, Joinings, CBN, Naidu

Tadepalli: In a fervent display of support for the TDP, a significant number of individuals from various areas, including Tadepalli, Mangalagiri Town, Mangalagiri Rural, and Duggira, joined the party during a gathering presided over by Lokesh Sankalp, the aspiring leader of Mangalagiri constituency.

Expressing his vision to elevate Mangalagiri to the top rank nationwide, Lokesh welcomed the new members with yellow scarves, symbolizing the party’s ethos. Among the prominent personalities who joined the TDP were Anjuman Committee President SK Jani Basha, Secretary SK Mastan Vali, and several other community leaders and their families.

The influx of approximately 130 families into the TDP reflects the growing momentum of support for the party, with individuals from diverse backgrounds aligning themselves with Lokesh’s vision for progress and development. Lokesh extended his congratulations to all the new entrants, emphasizing their role in shaping the party’s future trajectory.


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