Transport secretary fined thrice for missing speed sign at Delhi

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Delhi: In an interesting development the road transport secretary to the government got three challans for over speeding in a particular stretch at national capital. The reason for which he missed the speed limit will definitely blow your mind. ‘He missed the speed signs placed behind trees and other barriers’.

Poor visibility of traffic signs including the boards displaying the speed restrictions are resulting in huge penalties to the motorists. Union transport secretary Anurag Jain is not an exception for this. 

Jain said that rule is rule and it should be applicable for all. “I thought the speed limit there was 60 Kmph. But I was fined for driving at 61 kmph. I sent my person to check the speed limit there and he informed me that the actual speed limit is only 50 kmph. I found that the speed limit sign was placed right beside a huge tree and it is visible only when you approach it. This needs to be addressed,” Mr Jain told the media.

Earlier the then transport secretary, YS Malik also faced a similar incident while he was riding in Delhi – Chandigarh highway.

A study conducted by a reputed agency in 2017 exposed that faulty road signages are main reasons for road mishaps and challans in Delhi. Out of 1514 road signages verified by the survey team 1098 failed to meet the standards.

Residents of Delhi started discussing the issue in social media platforms and requesting the police and transport authorities to focus on improving the quality of roads and road signages before imposing huge penalties in the name of traffic violations.


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