Google Introduces Undo Send Feature For Gmail


Google Introduces Undo Send Feature For Gmail: Sent a wrong mail to someone? Added wrong recipients to the mail? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore now as Google has now introduced an option for Gmail which will let you to unsend an email.

But your reflexes play a vital role here as ‘undo send’ feature in Gmail will only be active for the first five to thirty seconds after sending the mail. This feature however is not activated to the users by default.
So all you need to do is go to the Gmail settings page. Scroll the drop down menu to select ‘Undo Send’. Post selecting the feature, set your cancellation period from 5 to thirty seconds, save the settings and you’re done.

Post activating the feature, Gmail will pop up the Undo Send option immediately after sending a mail to someone. If you wish to cancel sending the message, just click the ‘Undo Send’ button and edit it.