Meta Owned Threads App Gains Over 10 Million Sign Ups In Hours Of Launch

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Launched on the 5th of July, Wednesday evening, the Meta owned Thread is making noise and gaining popularity across the world with over 10 million sign ups.

Mark Zuckerberg launched the application prior to its actual date with a post, “Let’s do this. Welcome to Threads.”

Besides millions of Instagram users, Thread has a bunch of officials, celebrities, activists and journalists, using the Instagram connected Threads application.  Once logged in, new users who have Instagram accounts are told their account must retain the same usernames, but are able to a different bio and link to their profiles.  Verified Instagram users will take their check marks to Threads, as well.  Users can then choose to follow in bulk all accounts they already follow on Instagram, which includes pre-following anyone who has not yet joined Threads.  In addition, accounts that users have already blocked on Instagram will also be automatically blocked on Threads.  Those who wish to limit interactions can choose whether to allow replies from everyone, accounts they follow or mentions users whom they directly tagged in a thread, only.   They can also choose to restrict mentions of themselves to just accounts they follow or to disallow them entirely.

Moreover, speaking of security, Instagram’s community guidelines will be enforced on Threads, and users can report one another for violations.  As on Twitter, users can choose to hide specific words or phrases from their feeds.

Interesting to know if Threads could be a threat to Elon Musk owned Twitter, which is currently the top site for information in various fields. 

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