Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are Here!

The smartphone market is about to be revolutionized as Samsung launched its flagship products yesterday – the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus! The Dual next generation phones have been shown to the audience who are drooling all over their glossy glass surface.

samsung galaxy s8

Chi Hun Choi, CEO of Samsung, stated in a press release that everything Samsung does is in order to show that mobile devices can be more than just phones. “But it’s not just our journey, it is yours,” he said, adding that “The new phones are inspired by your world.” Inspired is certainly the word in question as the new phones have many a power packed features.

Starting off with the quite obvious and yet fascinating curved edge of the device. The display has been made minimal yet masterful. While Samsung S8 has 5.8 inch of it, Samsung 8 Plus boasts of 6.2-inch screen. Even the lock button and the organizational buttons have been removed from the front display so as to provide maximum smoothness – a love at first sight if you will.

The unlock feature also is and experimental one with the finger print scan being behind the phone, beside the camera. But apart from the finger print, we can even unlock the phone via sensor, retina or even full facial scan feature embedded in the phone. The 3.5 mm jack remains with now USB-C port introduced. There is Snapdragon 835 processor with Android 7.0 Nought for fast processing and less battery consumption which is 3000 mAh in S8 and 3500 mAh in S8 Plus. On one side of the panel is a button for switching on and off, and the other – those for volume control. Both models come with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of internal memory with available slot for microSD memory card. Both phones are waterproof and dust proof guaranteed certified IP68.

But the best thing of all, the feature that is perhaps the defining one, is that of the voice assistant – Bixby. Giving a tough competition to Siri, the iOS assistant, Bixby is equipped for voice recognition, to point out restaurants nearby when a picture is taken, provide notifications and reminders (even from a saved conversation!), rotate a picture by just telling it to do so, look up an object scanned on Amazon or Pinterest and much, much more! “Our phones are becoming more sophisticated. We adapt to them,” explained Samsung. “Bixby know what is happening on the screen and can easily switch from touch to voice”, the company said.

These are just a few of the features that were released with the first glance of the phone, the proper release of which is awaited on April 21st this year.