Yahoo Upgrades Its Mobile Search Algorithm


Yahoo had made few changes on Thursday in the way it shows the search engine results. It has collaborated with Oracle to deliver the best and user friendly services that is able for the users across the world.

Yahoo has now collected search results instead of providing links and will be directly giving out the specific search location.  The search result will directly provide images, videos, secondary information regarding the topic. “When you’re in a hurry we provide you a specific information. So instead of confusing with the number of links, we love to enhance only the required right away”, said Andrew Poon, Vice President, Product Management at Yahoo, in a company blog post.

yahoo search algorithm

The viewer has to search to on their android mobile phone for the navigation.

Mr. Marissa Meyer, the CEO of Yahoo declared that it has collaborated with Oracle, which will be giving out Java updates with a pre-ticked installation box which will install Yahoo search as a default browser in the smartphone.

“We have definitely made sure that our onboarding process is one that is highly transparent and gives users choice,” as per a report. Users who don’t want to install the Yahoo can un-tick the box while updating the java application.