Top 10 Best Corporate Offices in India

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Corporate offices have also made their work environment energetic and exciting to ensure better work from the employees. But some corporates take it a step ahead and work in stunning and exquisite looking offices that create the right atmosphere for their employees. Here is a list of the best corporate offices in India.

Infosys in Pune: Infosys’ Headquarters is in Pune and the office is one of a kind. It is a rugby ball shaped building that also resembles a descending spacecraft.

Adobe in Noida: The headquarters for Adobe is in Noida and their building is a sight to see. The building is colorful and has a quirky design to it. The outside of the building is decorated with colorful blocks that catch your eye.

National Fisheries Development Board in Hyderabad: This office building is unlike anything you’ll see. It is a four story building shaped as a big fish. The structure was built in 2012 by the National Fisheries Development in Hyderabad.

DLF Gateway in Gurgaon: This futuristic building is the tallest skyscraper in Gurgaon. The DLF Gateway resembles a ship and is elegant and enormous once you get closer.

Tata Consultancy Services in Siruseri: The Tata Consultancy Services building has 12 building in total that come together to form the shape of a butterfly. It is built on 70 acres of land and can accommodate as many as 30,000 employees. It is considered one of the largest IT offices in Asia.

Statesman House in New Delhi: The Statesman House is one of the tallest building in Connaught Place in New Delhi. The building is cylindrical shaped and hollow from the above. It is truly a master piece.

IT Park in Chandigarh: The IT park building is shaped like a huge ship. It is considered as one of the most beautiful and spectacular buildings in Chandigarh. It kind of looks like a space ship from the future.

I-Flex Solutions in Bengaluru: This office building is divided in two and has an innovative design sets it apart from all the other buildings on this list. The office is built on 1,44,000 square feet and has over 1,500 employees. The building over look a water body making it an ideal sight at night.

Patni Knowledge Park in Mumbai: The iGATE Patni Knowledge Park is a uniquely designed building. The building from a glance looks a bit like the bleachers in a stadium with one of the tall lights. It is one of the largest software parks in Mumbai.

Shree Cement in Jaipur: The Shree Cement’s office complex is also known as ’72 Screens Building’ for the simple reason that the outside of the building is covered with 72 LED screens that light up different shapes and colors. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the country.


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