Top 10 Highest Paid Indian Women In Business

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10 Highest Paid Indian Women In Business: Women have had a struggle in the world of business but a few women refused to give up and worked their way up the ladder to become the richest women in India. Here is a list of all the women who didn’t give up and worked their way up to be India’s richest business women.


1. Renu Sud Karnad: The managing director at HDFC is Renu Sud Karnad since January 2010. She has made huge contributions to the product development, strategy and budget at HDFC. At present, she is earning a whopping Rs. 71 crores per year.


2. Kavery Kalanithi: The managing director of Sun TV Network, Kavery Kalanithi is one of the highest paid business woman in India. She is married to the media tycoon Kalanithi Maran. Although, Kavery’s salary was initially Rs. 72 crores annually that was decreased to Rs. 57 crores. But, Kavery remains on the list of the top paid business women in India.

3. Vinita Singhania: The managing director for JK Laksmi Cement is Vinita Singhania. In 2013 she received the title of one of the most powerful women in business. Vinita also was marked as the first female president of the Cement Manufacturers Association from 2009 to 2012. She presently earns Rs. 53 crores annually.

4. Shobana Bhartia: The Chairman of HT India is Shobana Bhartia who was also a former member of the Rajya Sabha. Shobhana inherited the company from her father and made it into one of the best media houses in the country. Her current annual income in around Rs. 50 crores.

5. Suneeta Reddy: The joint managing director of Apollo Hospitals is Suneeta Reddy along with her sister Preetha Reddy. Her work in the medical field has been held in high regard, she was behind the Apollo Reach Hospitals Model. Suneeta Reddy draws a yearly income of Rs. 51 crores.

6. Preetha Reddy: The Managing Director for Apollo Hospital Enterprises is Preetha Reddy. She is considered a pioneering businesswoman in the healthcare sector. Her present salary package for a year is around Rs. 48 crores.

7. Vinita Bali: The former CEO of Britannia Industries is Vinita Bali. She served as CEO from 2005 to 2014 during which she was ranked in the top 50 world’s business women. She has also received the Forbes Leadership Award. Her yearly package was calculated at Rs. 41 crores.

8. Kiran Mazumdar: India’s largest publicly traded biopharma organization’s CMD is Kiran Mazumdar. She is also listed in the top 100 powerful women in the world. Forbes Magazine named Kiran the wealthiest self made woman in India. In 2014, she also won The Othmer Gold Medal for her outstanding contribution to the field of chemistry. Her annual income is around Rs. 16 crores.


9. Chanda Kochhar: The managing director and CEO of ICICI Bank is Chanda Kochhar. Since the year 2005 Forbes has kept her on the list of the most powerful women in business. At present her annual salary is around Rs. 7.8 crores.

10. Urvi A. Piramal: The Chairman of Ashok Piramal Group is Urvi A. Piramal. She joined the world of business in the year 1984. After a hard struggling with a sinking company, she managed to lift things up and join the list of the richest women in India. Her present annual income is Rs. 7.3 crores.

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