Top 10 Secrets of Swamy Nataraja Temple

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Swamy Nataraja Temple also known as Chidambaram temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and located in Chidambaram town in Cuddalore District in East Central Tamil Nadu. Following are 10 secrets about the Swamy Nataraja Temple.

1. The Swamy Nataraja Temple is located on the equator at the center of the world.

2. There are a total of five temples out of which Chidambaram represents the skies, Kalahasthi, the wind and Kanchi Ekambareswar is land. The three temples are located in a straight line at 79 degrees and 41 minutes Longitude.

3. The Chidambaram temple is based on the human body and has 9 entrances like the human bodies 9 openings.

4. The roof of the temple is made of 21600 gold sheets. The figure 21600 denotes the number of breaths a human takes every day.

5. Each of the 21600 sheets are held together using 72000 gold nails. This represents the 72000 nerves in the human body.

6. One of the temples, Ponnambalam has been built slightly to the left that represents a humans heart.


7. There are 28 pillars in the Ponnambalam that represent the 28 ways to worship Lord Shiva.

8. The 28 pillars are supported by 64+64 roof beams that represent the 64 arts. On the other hand, the cross beams are used to represent the blood vessels that run across the human body.



9. There are 6 pillars at the Artha Mantapa that represent the 6 different types of Sashtras.

10. On the adjacent side of the Mantapa there are 18 pillars that represent the 18 Puranams.

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