Kapil Dev Blasted At BCCI And Cricket Players, Question Injuries Of Players Like Jasprit, Rishabh

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The 1983 World Cup legend Kapil Dev finally spoke about players being injured and missing the national events and games.

Notably, with injuries to key players hurting the team’s performances in mega events, Kapil questioned the commitments of Indian stars.  Kapil Dev slammed the players and said, they would not mind playing the Indian Premier League (IPL) with minor injuries but when it comes to doing the same for the national team, they would prefer to sit out.

Kapil questioned the progression status of marquee pacer Jasprit Bumrah, who is now out of the game since a year due to his back injury.  In an interview, Kapil Dev said, “With the clock for the ODI World Cup already ticking, it would be a waste of time if Bumrah doesn’t recover in time for the mega event.”  He said, “What happened to Bumrah? He started working with so much belief, but if he’s not there (in World Cup semi-final/final)… we wasted time on him. Rishabh Pant… such a great cricketer. Had he been there, our Test cricket would’ve been better.”

Slamming the IPL over world cups, Kapil Dev said, “God is kind, it’s not as if I never got injured.  But today, they are playing 10 months in a year.  Give a benefit of doubt to that, but everybody has to look after themselves.  IPL is a great thing but IPL can spoil you also. Because, a little bit of injuries and you will play in IPL.  A little bit of injuries, you won’t play for India.  You would take a break.  I’m being very open about it.”

Besides the players, Kapil Dev also took a dig at the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for its poor management of the players’ workload.  He said, “If you have a small injury, you would play in IPL if it’s an important game.  At this stage, cricket board has to understand how much cricket they should play.  That is the bottomline.  If today, you have resources, money, but you don’t have three or five-year calendars. There’s something wrong with cricket board there.”

The slamming of Kapil Dev came after strong players of Indian Cricket Team were left out from Asian Cup and ICC Cup Squad, amid their injuries.

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