Shubman Gill And Sister Shaheen Gill Abused On Social Media Amid RCB Loss

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After the historic win of the Gujarat Titans against the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB,) the star player of GT, Shubman Gill is being abused on social media platforms.

Not only Shubman, but his sister Shaheen was also abused by social media users, especially by Virat Kohli and RCB fans.  Notably, the outstanding performance of Shubman, leading to the win of the new Indian Premier League (IPL) team Gujarat Titans did not go well with the RCB and Virat Kohli fans.  Shubman Gill scored 104 runs off 54 balls, which resulted in the maiden victory of the Gujarat Titans and led to the premature exit of the RCB from the IPL Tournament.

The hateful comments and abuses were said to be the pain of RCB’s loss and premature exit from the IPL 2023 T-20 Tournament.

While a section of netizens slammed the Gill Siblings, another section supported them and slammed the social media users for targeting Shubman Gill and his sister Shaheen.  A social media user said, “One of the main reasons I can’t stand RCB and hope they never win the trophy is cause of their toxic fan base.  Abusing Gill and now his sister and all Gill did was his job for the team that employs him.”

Another user wrote, “Some of the sick Kohli fans abusing Gill and his family (especially his sister.)  This toxicity and the negative energy created by this sk called fans is also one reason for the king to not see the light GILL is the future superstar of Indian Cricket.”

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