National Child Rights Officials Send Notice To Schools In Telangana

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On the 4th of July,  the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) issued official notices to Telangana School Education over hike in academic fees. 

The notice was issued after registering a cognizance of a complaint from the Telangana Parents Association for Child Rights and Safety (TPACRS.)

The TPACRS complaint to the NCPCR regarding the school tution fees and continuing online classes despite a ban from the Central Government.

Mohammed Asif Hussain Sohail, the President of the TPACRS, said, private schools in Telangana are not following the Government Order (GO) 46 issued by the Telangana Government.

According to the GO 46, schools are asked not to increase tution fees during pandemic, to suspend online classes until further orders. 

In addition, the association also complaint of exposure of computers and mobiles to kids under 5 years age.  Fees payment, extra classes and mandatory online classes are also a few issues raised by the parents’ association of Telangana. 

In regard to this, the TPACRS even initiated a petition on to stop the online classes.

Till the 4th of July, nearly 1,000 parents from different schools of Telangana have signed the petition.

The Central Government recently banned online classes for students.

However, a few schools in India are still conducting online classes and made it mandatory for students to attend. 

In regard to this, the NCPCR issued a notice to T. Vijaya Kumar, the Commissioner and Director of School Education, Telangana. 

The issued notice read, “It is pertinent to mention that NCPCR has recommended model guidelines to regulate fees in private schools. In addition, the commission had issued recommendations to all the States/UTs on April 21 regarding fee related issues in private schools during COVID-19 lockdown and safety of children during online classes.” 

The NCPCR requested Mr. Kumar to look into the matter and take necessary steps. 

Meanwhile, the Telangana High Court also reviewed a petition filed by a few parents against the online classes in the State. 

The Telangana HC also asked the State Government to submit a report clarifying its stand on the online classes in the State. 

The counter reply to this was submitted on the 3rd of July, by the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS.) 

The next hearing regarding the same matter is expected to be held soon. 

Stay tuned for further updates.


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