Rainfall Triggers Cases Of Conjunctivitis In Hyderabad 

The recent days of heavy to very heavy rainfall in the Telugu State of Telangana, resulted in rising number of conjunctivitis in Hyderabad.

The residents are urged to maintain hand hygiene and take necessary precautions to protect themselves from eye infection.

Dr. Syed Maaz Mohiuddin, an Ophthalmologist at Eye Care Super Specialty Eye Hospital in Hyderabad, advised that individuals should pay close attention to hand cleanliness in addition to caring for their eyes.  In addition, an advisory has been issued, asking people to prevent the transmission of conjunctivitis, by avoiding crowded places in the city.

The doctor emphasized that although conjunctivitis is generally not dangerous, the affected individuals should take care to prevent further transmission. Usually, the symptoms subside within a week without requiring any specific treatment. However, during an epidemic, the infection can spread quickly, so those afflicted with conjunctivitis in Hyderabad should take necessary precautions to safeguard others from contracting the infection.

The symptoms of conjunctivitis:

  1. Eye redness
  2. Watery eye
  3. Itching, and discomfort in the eyes. etc.

If suffering from the aforementioned symptoms, at a time when the rains are expected to continue, the person affected by conjunctivitis should immediately visit a doctor and take expert advice and prescribed medication.

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