Google Saves $1 Billion In A Year Due To WFH In COVID-19 Pandemic

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Due to the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic and people doing work from home (WFH,) Google saved a huge amount of $1 billion in 2020.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak in 2019 December, almost every company provided WFH to employees, which has now become a work culture. Giant tech companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter also gave WFH to their employees.

According to the recent news report, Google saved around $1 billion because of less traveling, companies expenses, electricity and others led to the saving of the amount.

Google has approximately 1.3 lakh full time employees worldwide and many of these employees were working remotely due to the pandemic. The money saved by the company include a colossal amount spent for massage tables, catered cuisine and retreats to exotic locations. These were some of the perks which companies give to their employees. However, due to WFH, most workers were at home and Google managed to keep a lot of money unspent. In addition several annual events of Google were conducted online, through which they saved up nearly $371 million. The marketing and administrative costs also remained flat because of the pandemic.

In addition, during the pandemic, Google’s business was not even severely hit as the demand for internet powered services grew in 2020. During this period, Google got a boost of around 34 % in revenues. The concept “money saved is money earned” fits perfectly with the current situation of Google.

Meanwhile, Google is planning to resume work from Silicon Valley from September 2021. However, the employees percentage working from office would be less than before due to the pandemic.

An official announcement regarding the same is yet to be made.

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