Mad Max : First movie to score 99% rating in Rotten Tomatoes

In a short, it is the maddest and craziest movie ever made. For all you action thirsty movie goers, here comes a treat of your life time. The fourth installment in the Mad Max series is now on screens.

Mad Max
Mad Max in action

The monosyllabic Max character is being played by the versatile actor of this time, ‘Tom Hardy’. As the trailer aptly describes, the Mastermind Miller is once again back with a biggest bang of all time. With a surprising theme of feminist ideology, the series is now power packed with the new blood. The movie premiers are getting all time best reviews. The critics and fans alike from all over the world are becoming the strict devotees of the film.

The film managed to score all time highest ratings in all the portals. This screen shot from Google news tell you all about it. Let me just cry-out loud. Its Damn Crazy!!!

Mad Max
Mad Max Reviews


Here is the trailer for you: