New Zealand – 40 Killed In Terrorist Attack At Mosques

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Approximately 40 were killed and 20 seriously injured in a terrorist attack at two mosques in New Zealand.

The incident happened when the victims were offering their afternoon prayers at the mosques and a few people entered the mosques and started shooting the people.

An eye witness, who was inside the mosque at the time, said, “A gunman, dressed in black with a helmet carrying a machine gun, came into the back of the mosque and started firing into the people praying there.”

Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, deemed the day as a black day for the people of New Zealand. She said, “Clearly what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence.”

A vehicle with explosives inside it was also recovered from the Christchurch area.

Mike Bush, the Police Commissioner, said, three people, including a woman, are under custody. One of them is an Australian born man. All of them are being interrogated and are suspected to have a link with the attack.

The attack at the two main mosques situated in Central Christchurch and Suburban Linwood, New Zealand is said to be a pre planned terror attack.

Twitter is flooded with messages and concern for the people who were killed in the attack.

The authorities of New Zealand are still investigating the attack. People are advised to avoid visiting any mosque in the Country and are requested to stay indoors.

Stay tuned for further updates.