Video: Man Punches Woman at a Gym in Indore

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In Indore, CCTV footage showed a shocking scene of a man brutally assaulting a woman who was wogyming out there.

According to a news report, the woman was complaining about the behavior of this man that enraged him and he hit her.

The man is seen standing near weights getting ready to start his workout when the woman standing behind him says something.

The man immediately reacts by punching the woman in the face. The woman holds her face in pain and the man doesn’t stop there he then kicks her in the shin dropping her to her knees.

Two other people from the gym rush towards the attacker and restrain him while a few others help the woman.

The police were immediately involved after the video went viral on Twitter. Police officer Shashikant Kankane reported that a case of assault and molestation has been registered against the man in the video.

The news agency ANI released the video of the CCTV footage that can be seen below.


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