Revanth reviews parliament elections

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Hyderabad: Chief Minister Remwat Reddy sets the tone for the upcoming Parliament elections, framing it as a referendum on the state government’s 100-day rule.

In a strategic move, CM Reddy convened a high-level meeting with key leaders from the Chevella constituency at the Malkajgiri Parliament constituency camp office. The gathering included prominent figures such as Chevella Lok Sabha candidate Ranjith Reddy, MLA Rammohan Reddy, and chief leaders representing seven assembly constituencies.

Amidst the charged atmosphere, Revanth Reddy, a notable figure in the political landscape, announced his intention to galvanize support for the Congress party, pledging to energize the campaign efforts from Ranga Reddy district. Highlighting the party’s national appeal, he revealed plans for a Jana Jatara Sabha at Rajiv Gandhi premises in Tukkuguda, graced by Congress President Mallikarjuna Kharge and Rahul Gandhi.

CM Reddy reiterated the party’s commitment to social justice, emphasizing the pivotal role of the Congress in achieving this objective. With ambitious goals set for the elections, he expressed determination to secure at least 14 parliamentary seats in the state, underlining the significance of candidate selection based on grassroots feedback and surveys.

The meticulous approach to candidate selection was underscored, with CM Reddy affirming that decisions were made after careful consideration of diverse perspectives and on-the-ground assessments. Notable nominations include Ranjith Reddy for Chevella, Sunitha Mahender Reddy for Malkajgiri, and Dan Nagender for Secunderabad, reflecting a blend of strategic foresight and grassroots consultation.