Two People Die in a Drunk Driving Accident

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In a foolish attempt to escape the police two drunk youths lost their lives in the City on Sunday. The accident happened at Langar Houz when two people on a bike wanted to avoid a drunk driving check by police. The bike collided with an oncoming truck claiming both their lives.

24 year old Rajesh alias Mahesh, a contract employee of the Government Veterinary College in Rajendranagar and 19 year old Srinivas, a water can supplier from Budvel were partying with friends at a house in Budvel.

At 11:55 P.M., Srinivas and Rajesh got out to buy more alcohol from Gudimalkapur. Once they reached Bapughat at around 12:10 A.M., Rajesh noticed a posse of cops having a mandatory drunk driving check. In an attempt to escape the checkpoint, Rajesh took a U-turn and started to ride in the wrong direction.

While riding on the wrong side the two collided with a truck. The SI in charge said, “ The truck was coming from TSPA junction towards Langar Houz. The truck driver, who was also in an inebriated condition, hit the bike. The duo Srinivas and Rajesh died on the spot.”

While approaching Langar Houz, the driver hit a moving car and even our police crane. Our crane was badly damaged. After that, he rammed into the motorcycle. We detained the truck driver, a native of Kodangal,” said the DCP.