Center issues orders diving AP Bhavan

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Delhi: Union home ministry issued orders divining and sharing the most valuable AP Bhavan between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states. Out of 19.871 acer total land, Andhra Pradesh got 11.53 acer which is equal to 58.23%. Telangana got 8.42 acres.

The Union government stated that the total value of AP Bhavan is Rs.9913.50 crores and one acre land is valued at Rs. 501 crores. Center said that the properties between the two states were shared following the AP State Reorganisation ACT and option G.

Authorities of the two states accepted the proposal made by the union government in a meeting held on March 11, 2024, which helped the center to issue the orders. Center issued orders to the chief secretaries of both the states. Shabari block, Nursing Hostel, Pataudi House will go in control of Andhra Pradesh as per the order.

Telangana government welcomed the orders and headed to take control over their share at the earliest.