Sonia Gandhi Writes a Letter to Prime Minister Modi

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Congress President Sonia Gandhi wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The letter mentions as Modi’s government has the majority it should ensure that the Women’s Reservation Bill is passed. The bill is to reserve one-third of total seats in the Parliament and state assemblies for women.

The Modi government plans to pass the bill in the Lok Sabha after the 2019 general elections.

In 2010, Rajya Sabha cleared the bill during the UPA regime. But Manmohan Singh’s government failed to get the bill passed in the Lok Sabha.

The bill has been pending since 2010 and now reports state that Modi is considering to bring it back.

If the bill is passed it would be the second piece of high impact legislation after the GST which was another unfinished agenda by the Congress.

PM Modi has been openly speaking about women’s empowerment and has been starting different schemes to ensure it happens. The triple talaq abolition was done keeping women in mind.