Highlights of Telangana Cabinet Meeting

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The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Government, on the 11th of December, conducted a Cabinet meeting and discussed several key issues in Telangana.

The major topics discussed at the Cabinet meeting were the State’s economic situation, laws, policies, the Godavari River barrage and the development of Telangana.

K. Chandrashekar Rao, the Chief Minister of Telangana, chaired the Cabinet meeting held at Pragati Bhavan, Hyderabad. 

One of the major discussions during the meeting was the construction of a barrage on the Godavari River in Dummugudem to generate 320 MW of power.  The Cabinet also decided to allocate Rs. 3,482 crores, the estimated cost of the barrage construction, in the budget of next two years.

The barrage, 63 meters in height and having a water storage capacity of 37 thousand million cubic feet (TMC,) can be used to store water in the river without land acquisition.  The Cabinet also decided to undertake the construction of the barrage for the storage of 3 TMC of water as a part of the Kaleshwaram Project.  Currently, the project is capable of lifting 2 TMC of water per day.  TRS officials approached the Government for the construction of one more barrage, so the project would be able to lift 3 TMC of water per day as there is ample water supply in Godavari River.  The Cabinet decided to allocate Rs. 11,806 crores for the barrage in the next 2 years’ budget.

Apart from this, the Cabinet ministers also spoke about conducting a 30 day special activity program in the villages of Telangana aiming.  The aim of the program would be cleaning up and reconstructing the villages with the help of the citizens of Telangana.

Chief Minister KCR directed the ministers and chief secretaries of all the departments to adopt plans and control the finances as the State is facing funding issues for several projects.

TRS officials, Cabinet ministers and other heads of several other government departments of Telangana were present during the meeting.

The meeting started at 5:00 P.M., and continued till late at night.

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