RGV unveils the first look of “Mogalipuvvu”

Hyderabad: An acclaimed director Ram Gopal Varma unveiled the first look poster of his upcoming psychological crime thriller “Mogalipuvvu“. He took to Twitter and posted the photograph along with few sensational taglines. The movie is expected to revolve around passwords, whatsaps and phone cameras.

First look poster of RGV’s “Mogalipuvvu”


Here are the Tweets –

“Mogalipuvvu” 1st look ..Prathee Pellayina vaadi cellphone lo Pellaniki theliyani chaala secretlu vuntayi.”

“Mogalipuvvu” is a Romantic/Family drama/Psychological Crime Thriller.”

“It is about how passwords,whatsaps,phone cameras etc can quake the landscape earth of Man/Woman relationships.”