Lok Sabha approves Kashmir bills

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Amit Shah, Modi, BJP, NDA, Parliament, India, Congress, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi

Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah alleged that two big mistakes committed by first prime minister Jawahar lal Nehru are the main reasons behind the Kashmir issue. Signing a cease fire agreement before taking charge of the entire Kashmir, failing to explain the plight of Kashmiris to the United Nations Organisation (UNO) are the two mistakes, he added.

Amit Shah asserted that Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) is an internal part of India. Union government table Jammu Kashmir Reservations bill (revised) and Jammu Kashmir Reorganisation bill (revised) at parliament on Wednesday and approved them.

Addressing the short discussion while presenting the two bills, the home minister opined that a major portion of Kashmir wouldn’t be under the control of Pakistan if Nehru acted swiftly. Amit Shah said that he accepted the term ‘Nehruian blunder’. Our forces won Punjab and headed towards Kashmir, by then Nahru signed a ceasefire agreement. This decision is the root for the formation of POK. Entire Kashmir would have been under the control of India if Nehru took that decision after three days, Amit Shah opined.

Shah said that even Nehru admitted it as his mistake. Opposition parties condemned the statements of the Home minister and walked out of the house for a while.

Later Biju Janata Dal MP Bathruhari Mehtab asked Amit Shah to speak about ‘Himalayan blunder’. In response Amit Shah said that acts of Nehru lead to India- China war in 1962 and this entire episode is called a as Himalayan blunder’.

The Union government approved to increase the assembly seats in Jammu & Kashmir from 83 top 90 seats.

Amit Shah alleged that Congress is the only political party in the country which deceived the Backward Classes (BCS). Shah said that Modi is born in a BC family and he knows the struggle faced by BCs.


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