TRS China Exhibits Telangana At The Shanghai Event

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TRS China Exhibits Telangana At The Shanghai Event

Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) China exhibited Telangana at the Shanghai event. The China Unit of TRS promoted the culture of the city in a day long India Carnival organized by the Shanghai Indian Consulate in China.

The aim of the event is to acknowledge the beautiful attractions of each state in India, the uniqueness of culture and present it in China. The Carnival is the opportunity for India to showcase the diversity.

TRS China led by the Branch President Ravinder Reddy showed images of Charminar, The Bathukamma festival, Tank Bund and the Ramappa Temple at the event. Apart from images Telangana’s traditional sarees, dhotis, pictures of weaves of Sircilla and Pochampally were also showcased with the book on the state’s handicrafts.

The carnival also exhibited the Dokra metal craft of Adilabad, toys and paintings of Nirmal, the silver filigree of Karimnagar, brass work of Pembarthi, Bidri metal craft of Hyderabad, bangles of Laad Bazaar and Banjara needle crafts.

The Union Minister of State for Electronics, Information Technology and Tourism Alphons Kannanthanam attended the event.