World’s Top 12 Deadliest Snakes

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World’s Top 12 Deadliest Snakes: Snakes are one of the most feared creatures in the world. They come in all sizes, as big as 25 feet and as small as 10 centimetres. Snakes are known to kill 100,000 people a year. Snakes are fascinating creatures because they don’t have eyelids and use their tongue to smell. Not having eyelids leads the snakes to sleep with their eyes open which are also an intriguing part of these species. There are nearly 3,400 species of snakes identified in the world. Snakes can go for as long as two years without eating a meal. There is no such thing as a vegetarian snake all snakes are strictly carnivorous.

1. King Cobra
The King Cobra is the longest venomous snake on the planet growing up to 18 feet. Once threatened the snake can raise one third of its body straight off the ground. The also open their hood and give out a shrilling cry that sounds like a growling dog.
Their venom is not as dangerous as other snakes but they can deliver up to two tenths of a fluid ounce of neuro toxin in one single bite. This is enough to kill 20 people and an elephant, although, King Cobras are incredibly shy and avoid humans at all costs. But when cornered the snake can become fiercely aggressive.

2. Green Anaconda
The Green Anaconda is the largest snake in the World and part of the Boa family. These enormous snakes can grow more than 29 feet and weigh a whopping 246 kgs. The females grow bigger than the male Green Anacondas.
Although, the Green Anaconda is not a venomous snake it still manages to hunt. The snake first coils around their prey till it asphyxiates and then can swallow it whole. A big meal can last the anaconda weeks, sometimes even months.

3. Reticulated Python
The Reticulated Python is the biggest snake in Asia and can grow between 4.9 feet to 21.3 feet long. They are very skilled ambush hunters. The snake waits quietly till their prey reaches close enough for them to slither and coil themselves around their prey, suffocating them to death and then swallowing them. This year in Indonesia a case of a Reticulated Python swallowing a man whole had surfaced.

4. Eyelash Palm Pit Viper
The Eyelash Palm Pit Vipers are the most beautiful snakes and one of the most dangerous. Although, they are tiny snakes range from 2 feet in females and 2.6 feet in males. This species of snakes are ambush hunters during the day and active hunters at night. The snake has heat sensitive pits on its upper lip that helps it detect infrared radiation at very high precision. This makes it easier for the snake to hunt at night. The venom of these snakes can be poisonous but unlike other venomous snakes, it can be cured with the right medication.

5. African Rock Python
The African Rock Python is the longest African snake growing as long as 20 feet. This is another nonvenomous snake but can easily kill their prey by asphyxiation. There have been at least two reported cases of these snakes killing humans. The snakes mainly attack children and they coil around the body crushing them and then swallowing them whole.

6. Southern Pacific Rattlesnake
The Southern Pacific Rattlesnake is a venomous snake and can be found in the South of California. They are smaller than most snakes growing up to 4 feet long but their venom makes up for their size. The venom of this snake contains a highly toxic poison much like a Mojave toxin that attacks the nerve endings. The venom also contains mycotoxins and hemotoxins and can easily give a fatal bite that takes a lot of medication to cure.

7. Taipan
Taipans are fast and highly venomous snakes and huge endemic in Australasia. These snakes are considered a separate genus and possess a high neurotoxic venom. They also have other types of toxins that have multiple effects on its victims. The venom paralyzes and clots the blood of victim that results in blocking the blood vessels. The Inland Taipan is considered the most venomous land snake and the Coastal Taipan is the largest venomous snake in Australia.

8. Death Adder
The Death Adder is a majestic looking snake with a triangular head and a thick body. It has bands of red, brown and black with a gray on the upside of the snake and a cream or pink belly. It can group to 3.3 feet. The Death Adder also has the longest fangs of any Australian snake.
Death Adder possesses highly toxic neurotoxin that causes paralysis and death. Among all the venomous snakes recorded in Australia, the Death Adder can deliver the fastest strike. A Death Adder bite can cause a human to die in six hours after the bite.

9. Common Lancehead
The Common Lancehead can grow up to 5 feet long is found in Northern South America east of the Andes. These snakes are also quite fast and can attack at a quick speed. The Common Lancehead can stay camouflaged for hours in mostly coffee and banana plantations waiting for a prey. Their venom contains hemotoxin that affects the nervous system of its prey.The venom is strong enough to destroy to red blood cells and causes loss of memory.

10. Boomslang
The Boomslang is unlike other snakes that have large fangs at the back of its jaw that can open up to 170 degrees. Their venom is highly potent and contains mainly hemotoxin, it disables the coagulation process and causes death to the victim due to internal and external bleeding.

11. Black Mamba

Black Mambas are one of the longest snakes in Africa reaching a length of 14 feet. They are also one of the fastest snakes, slithering as fast as 20 kilometers per hour. Before an antivenom for Black Mamba was invented, their bite was a 100% fatal, killing the victim within 20 minutes.

12. Spitting Cobra

Unlike, other snakes that bite to inject the venom, the spitting cobra has an easier method. As the name suggests it spits the venom from its fangs and aims for the eyes. The venom is harmless if it just touches the skin but can cause permanent blindness if it makes contact with the eyes. These snakes can spit as far as 6.6 feet. Their venom consists of mainly cytotoxin and includes neurotoxic and cardiotoxic effects. The Spitting Cobra can live for as long as 20 years and is even known for eating different species of snakes like Puff Adders.