KTR’s Response To Uttam Kumar Reddy’s Comment Is Hilarious

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KTR’s Response To Uttam Kumar Reddy’s Comment Is Hilarious

IT Minister K. T. Rama Rao responded to Congress MLA Uttam Kumar Reddy’s comment and it is hilarious. The Congress MLA is known for throwing shade at the opposition parties but this time he attacked KTR.

The Telangana Congress Minister was quoted as saying, “He must have washed dishes in the US when we were in politics here. He comes to India and under the influence of his father, expects everyone to listen to whatever he says. This guy has neither the decorum nor political qualifications to be even a minister.”

KTR has never been the sort to take Reddy’s comments lying down, in fact KTR has the best comeback. KTR retweeted the Congress MLA’s quote with the caption, “I may have washed dishes in my home in the US (which by the way is what every Indian in US does in their own homes.) I am proud that I’ve worked and earned a decent living on my own unlike your Pappu.”

To add the icing to the cake, KTR reminded Reddy of the time when over a crore was found burnt in his car. KTR said, “Unlike you I didn’t loot people’s money and burn it in my car.”

These two ministers have been at each other’s throats for the longest time. While most of Reddy’s retaliation is personal jabs, KTR focuses on Reddy’s political failures.


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