BMW’s Motorrad is the Bike of Dreams – And it is Still a Dream!

California: Behold the bike of your dreams – BMW’s Motorrad that features in its ‘Vision Next’ series and makes a helmet immaterial. The Vision Next 100 series has a four part invention model that celebrates 100 years of this German company trying to sweep people off their feet with its wheels.

BMW Motorrad 1

This latest one comes with a self-balancing systems to keep it upright both when at rest and in motion. It also has an inbuilt “Digital Companion” system that offers riding advice and adjustment ideas to optimize the experience. “The Visor” which is a pair of glasses that span the entire field of vision, are controlled by eye movements— which correlate to return active feedback about road conditions to the rider while adjusting the ride of the bike continuously depending on the rider’s driving style.

BMW Motorrad 2

The company, while looking to extend the production of motorcycles to commercial purpose, is also focusing on producing such intelligent cars by 2040. The bike itself though has modern and classic components. The area at the front will have virtually no buttons except a red rocker switch on the end of the right handlebar. But the black triangle shape of the frame combined with the white trim lines and classic boxer engine form are meant to evoke the 1923 R32, the first motorcycle BMW ever made.

The bike has the full range of connected data from its surroundings and a set of intelligent systems working in the background, so it knows exactly what lies ahead,” said Holger Hampf, BMW’s head of user experience. Although not much information has been doled out about the motorbike, it is sure to enthrall the population once it is in full production just like the other Vision Next 100 innovations.  All we can say is WOW!

BMW Motorrad 3