OnePlus 2 Sports a Type-C USB Connector

oneplus 2 type c usb

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus is eyeing to launch the successor to its killer flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 2 soon, and is steadily revealing the secrets of the phone. Just when the rumours started doing the rounds in the tech circles over the launch of OnePlus 2, the makers are in full throttle as they are ensuring that the limelight remains on them by offering discounts on the OnePlus smartphone and doing other promotional activities.

Now, in the latest revelation, OnePlus announced that it going to have a reversible USB connection also known as Type-C connector. The benefit of this connector is that you need not check if you’re inserting the right side of the cable as both ends of the cable are same.

While announcing the news on its official Google+ and Twitter page, the company posted “Our second spec revealed: The OnePlus2 will be the first flagship smartphone to use the latest Type C USB. We want to lead the way in power connectivity.”

OnePlus makers also confirmed that the killer smartphone will also sport the very powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor version 2.1.

“Although there have been reports that the 810 runs warmer than its predecessors, we assure you that we have taken all the necessary precautions and beyond to prevent this from occurring in the 2. We worked very closely with Qualcomm’s engineers to integrate an improved version of the chipset (v2.1) in the OnePlus 2, and fine-tuned both hardware and software. The 2 will be “cooler than ever,” it said in a blog post.

As per the emerging sources, OnePlus 2 can see its official launch in the month of July.