YouTube To Soon Start Ad Sharing With Shorts Creators Soon

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In good news for shorts creators on YouTube, the digital platform has announced to start sharing ad revenues with them.

On the 10th of January, Tuesday, the video sharing platform YouTube said, they are updating Shorts with the ability for creators to finally start making ad revenue.

Launched in 2021, YouTube shorts was unable to provide revenue to its creators, due to the business policies.  However, after a year of a successful launch, the platform updated its policies and gave creators the ability to gain revenue for their visual stories in a vertical, 60 seconds format rather than with a lengthy, landscape YouTube video. 

Speaking of revenue, creators could use YouTube monetisation features like Super Chats or shopping integrations to generate revenue with their Shorts. 

The separate Shorts agreement, which would be available on the 1st of February, to all new YouTube creators, gives creators a cut of the revenue from “ads viewed between videos in the Shorts Feed,” said YouTube.

Meanwhile, the new updated agreement would be visible from the 1st of February, the  existing creators, already a members of the YouTube Partner Program have until the 10th of July 2023 to accept these new terms or lose their ability to monetise. 

After accepting the new terms, the existing creators need to reapply to the program if they wish and start having the benefits of ad revenue on shorts.

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