Air India serves Non- Veg for Jain pilgrims

Air India serves Non- Veg for Jain pilgrims: Air India is becoming the latest home of Mess ups and more over these days, the pile of embarrassment is mounting up by the hour. Whether it is petty pilot fights, or the ‘Lizard biriyani’, Air India always managed to stay in headlines for all the wrong reasons and guess what?! They did it again!!

In the recent fiasco, Jain pilgrims returning from Sindhu Darshan festival were served non-veg food on Leh-Delhi flight on Saturday afternoon.

Air India serves Non- Veg for Jain pilgrims
Air India serves Non- Veg for Jain pilgrims

Yes, you read that right! I hope you already guessed the outcome by now, the passengers were obviously angry. Sindhu Darshan festival is a festival to mark the celebration of River Sindhu, which is held every year on full moon day (Guru Purnima) in the month of June and celebrated for three days in Leh, Jammu Kashmir.

Top Air India confirmed this news. They said, “The action was taken immediately and we suspended two catering staff of assistant manager rank following the complaint.” Two of the Air India Staff were suspended by the airline to lift some of the pressure of their shoulders.

The pilgrims have given the specific information for “Hindu meal” even before boarding the chartered flight the Leh airport, there was a prior intimation for “Hindu meal”. Instead, they were served non-vegetarian food packets.

“The return price for the chartered flight ticket was in the range of Rs 24,000 to Rs 26,000 and it was expected of Air India to serve a special treatment to the passengers, but in real, it turned out to be a big embarrassment for national carrier’s credibility among flyers,” Senior official said.

“We have suspended the two catering staff members on the basis of complaint filed by passengers and will issue a charge sheet seeking explanation. Final penalty will be decided after that,” said Air India Director NK Jain.