COVID-19 – Mumbai Police Arrests Activists Behind Bandra Gathering

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The Mumbai Police, on the 15th of April, arrested an activist for spreading false rumours through a message forward regarding a special train for migrant workers.

Vinay Dubey was arrested on the morning of the 15th of April from his residence in Mumbai for provoking migrant workers to protest against the Central Government.  Besides Vinay, a TV journalist Rahul Kulkarni was also detained for spreading the railway ministry note for the special train.

The crowd gathered at the Bandra Railway station in the wake of a railway release saying it organised a special train for migrants from Bandra station.  In the wake of the circulated message, thousands of migrant workers arrived and when they found no train was in service, started protesting against the Central and State Government for extending the lockdown.

The Maharashtra Government charged 1,000 migrant workers for gathering at Mumbai’s Bandra station.  The Maharashtra Police started an investigation and charged activist Vinay Dubey for spreading wrong message under post  “Chalo Ghar Ki Ore (let’s head home.)”

Vinay Dubey was arrested on the morning of the 15th of April and a TV journalist was also detained and charged in an FIR for spreading the railway ministry note for the special train.

The matter took a political turn of blame game, after Sanjay Singh,  a member of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP,) took to Twitter and asked,”If it (lockdown extension) was more or less decided at a meeting of the PM and Chief Ministers on April 12 that the lockdown would be extended, how come railways officials were preparing a plan to run a special train? Who spread the rumour,” 

Sanjay Singh said, ‘अगर 12 अप्रैल की मुख्यमंत्रियों के साथ प्रधानमंत्री की मीटिंग में लगभग तय हो गया था की “Lock Down” बढ़ेगा, तो फिर 13 अप्रैल को रेलवे के अधिकारी ट्रेन चलाने का प्रस्ताव क्यों तैयार कर रहे थे? भ्रम किसने फैलाया?

The gathering of thousands of migrant labourers increased the fear of spread of the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Maharashtra is the only Indian State with the highest number of COVID-19 and crossed 2,500 cases.   Till date, Maharashtra Government reported a total of 2,684 positive cases, out of which 1,756 were reported only in Mumbai.

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