Hyderabad Challan System Causes Ola, Uber And Rapido Drivers

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Recently, the Hyderabad police implemented the new Challan System for riders in the City. Under the system, the traffic police fines pillion riders for not wearing helmets. 

This issue is being faced by taxi riders who ride bikes on rentals such as Rapido, Ola and Uber.

As per the guidelines of the new challan system, pillion riders should also have a helmet. Since the riders fail to fulfil the basic rule, drivers are facing consequences. The riders do not wear helmets due to several reasons like heat, sweat, as those helmets were used by someone else and fearing COVID-19 spread.

Muneer Ahmed, one of the drivers of two wheelers recently faced challan due to the new law and said, “I never had a challan on a bike in my entire life because I have always abided by the law and followed the helmet rule and always maintained the required documents for travelling. But to my astonishment I got my first challan of Rs. 150 on March 23 for a pillion rider not wearing a helmet.” He asked, “Actually on the specified date I was dropping a customer and he refused to wear a helmet because he was afraid due to the ongoing coronavirus wave. When I insisted he questioned me, who will be responsible if he contacts the deadly virus unnecessarily as the same helmet is worn by every customer.”

Another driver, Shiva Naik, said, “Customers who are pillion riding with us don’t feel like wearing helmets because of the sweatiness in it and it is totally understandable because if one customer sweats after wearing the helmet and within a few minutes we get another ride and if we offer the same helmet to the next customer they get irritated. In a few cases the customers cancelled their rides only because we offered them helmets worn by previous customers.”

The issue had left many drivers in a tough spot amid the rise in petrol prices. Soon, the Hyderabad Traffic department would resolve the matter of pillion riders not wearing helmets.

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