Woman gives birth to baby snake

Adilabad: Usually pregnant women give birth to either a boy or a girl, but in this bizarre incident the woman gave birth to a baby snake! Yes a Snake!!

Woman gives birth to baby snake
Woman gives birth to baby snake( Representational image)

The incident took place in Kerameri mandal of Adilabad district. The news came to light very lightly as the villagers tried to bury the news. (Apparently they thought it was a bad omen).

Going into the details, the unfortunate mother Kavithabahai previously gave birth to a girl during her first pregnancy but the child died soon after the birth.

The couple kept many hopes on to be born baby, but their wishes were lashed when the second pregnancy resulted in a snake. The family members were devastated over the incident and are yet to recover from the shock.

The family are informing us that the lady conceived the baby in 6th month itself without any labor pains. The villagers allegedly buried the baby snake. on the other hand, the medical experts are opining that the family members are confusing the 6 month old baby fetus with a snake.

Note: The image used in the article is for representational purposes only.