Dil Raju Panel Wins Telugu Film Chamber Elections 2023

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Dil Raju’s panel won the elections for Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce held here on Sunday.

The panel led by leading producer Dil Raju defeated the panel led by C. Kalyan in a close contest for various committees.

Dil Raju, whose real name is V. Venkata Ramana Reddy, and six members of his panel were elected to the 12-member Producer Executive Committee.

The panel also won a majority of seats in the 20-member Producer Sector Council.

Leading producers like Y.V.S. Chowdary, T. Prasanna Kumar, C. Kalyan, K.L. Damodar Prasad and Mohan Vadlapatla were elected to the executive committee.

Both C. Kalyan and Dil Raju’s panels won six seats in the Distributors’ Committee.

In the Studio Executive Committee, Dil Raju’s panel bagged three out of four seats. Dil Raju and Kalyan won eight seats each in 16-member Exhibitors’ Executive Committee.

Earlier, as many as 1,454 members out of a total 1,600 cast their votes in the Film Chamber office at Film Nagar.

Dil Raju on Saturday ruled out any differences with his rival Kalyan. “We have come forward to strengthen the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce. All the producers who are most happening and are in top form today are in my panel,” he had said. Stating that the exhibitors have some problems with governments, he felt that to resolve these issues, a strong body is needed.

Dil Raju said that he chose the film chamber over political battle despite having chances to become a Member of Parliament from Telangana.

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