Apple Interns Get Paid Over $80,000 A Year For Maintaining Secrecy


Apple Interns Get Paid Over $80,000 A Year For Maintaining Secrecy: If you believe internships are just for the career starters and assume that you earn very little as an intern, then you’re in for a surprise. As far as Apple Inc. is concerned, you get the benefits of both the worlds, as an intern in one of the biggest tech companies in the world and likewise get paid equally higher according to the stature of the company.

If the reports are to be believed, an intern at Apple Inc. gets paid around $7000 per month. If that amount looks jaw dropping, then hold your breath as Apple along with paying such huge stipend also offers free housing or gives them $1000 rent per month.

That figure is perhaps more than what full time employees earn in companies. However, Apple has a different way of recruitment unlike Facebook and Google. At Apple, candidates are interviewed for a specific role as per the requirement by their managers and the candidate is only tested on that domain, rather than conducting a general interview and later deciding where to place the candidate.

But what does Apple expects from these interns after offering them such luxury? The answer to that is ‘Secrecy’. Yes, Apple maintains a strict code of conduct with its interns that not even 1 percent of the information that they are working on should be known to anyone outside the team, not even the higher authorities.

The level of secrecy is set so high that the interns at Apple’s office are forbidden to take pictures of them in the campus or even mentioning their achievements in their resume. It is just like a secret mission wherein you fulfill your duty and leave at the expense of enjoying all the luxury.

Well, if you’re wondering what happens to those hardworking interns after their internship ends; Apple then hires most of the interns as full time employees if they perform well in their internships.